Guide to a Better Home


Whether you are buying or selling a property it can turn into a daunting task real quick and that is where a real estate agent can kick in to ease the pain.

I will be on your side doing the homework for you. With recommendations, acurate research, and most recent information all of which helps you to make the perfect decision on your amazing home. Feel free to contact me (201)455-7705.


If you are not a ready buyer or seller yet and is looking for rentals, you are in the right place. We constantly have inventory for rentals. A broker fee applies only when lease is signed. Feel free to drop me a message with your must have such as

  • # bed rooms and baths,
  • # pets,
  • # people living,
  • # of parking,
  • and budget
You may expect search results in 24 hours of your message. Feel free to call me 201-455-7705 or email me, talk to you soon!